Thanks to the generosity of my parents we enjoy a small but cherished collection of English language children’s books. Thank you sooooo much Mum and Dade!

The generosity of contributors to PJ Library in the US has allowed about 10 children’s books in Hebrew to have made their way into our home as well.

For grown ups we have a few books in English from authors including Paul Kalanithi, Jordan Peterson, James Comey, Nnedi Okorafor, Mari Kondo and Shulem Deen.

We have some German children’s and grown up books too.

If you want to borrow some of these we’re on Gustav-Falke-Straße in Eimsbüttel. Please leave a deposit and please take good care of the books.

Have some children’s books, manga or magazines that need a new home? Please think of us, I’d be happy to pick them up.